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   The overseas Chinese Friendship Hotel is a Three-star class Hotel, ground Guangzhou TianHeCity business district.The Hotel existing and various each kind of guest rooms account 154s, establishing luxurious honored guest's room, luxurious suite, suite, business room, luxurious double person's room, standard double person's rooms, single room etc..Establish breadth to take a computer to get to the Internet inside business room port.The room has a central air condition, television networks, stereo set, IDD telephone, whole day hot water a supply.The Hotel promotes a humanized management, the enthusiasm provides a characteristic service for the guest...>>more>>
  The overseas Chinese Friendship Hotel locates TianHe-East-Road and TianHe-South-Two-Road to hand over boundary, the transportation is very convenience.
Can multiply by 33 road, 269 road, 210 road, 550 road from railway station in Guangzhou to Hotel;Standing from the East Railway station of Guangzhou to the hotel can multiply by 185 road, 263 road, 515 road
  The peripheral trade , life, recreation, amusement kit's item of The overseas Chinese Friendship Hotel is perfect with mature.
Include: TianHe Sports Centre, ZhengJia Trade Centre,GuangZhou Book Store,TianHe Amusement Centre, GuangZhou Paciffic Computer Centre,WanJia Supermarket,TaiGuHui Plaza etc.

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